Erin & John’s wedding took place at the beautiful, Colonnade Hotel in Coral Gables. I have known Erin since she was younger than 15. It was my pleasure to be there on her big day. Her family holds a special place in my heart. Erin & John’s wedding was nothing short of perfect, with some of the most gorgeous details. John and Erin both have wonderful families and it was not only a romantic and beautiful wedding but, it was damn fun! Their guest got down, they even incorporated “HORA LOCA” into their wedding to give their Michigan family an authentic Miami treat! There were so many great captures from this day it was hard to pick what to put on the blog. Scroll down to see some of our favorites!

Wedding Planner: Jessica’s Events

Venue: Hotel Colonnade Coral Gables



                                                Organic Moments was invited to Whitby Castle in Rye, New York to capture the wedding of Jess and James.  We were also lucky enough to get some help from some awesome people while we were there.  Thank you to Vince Arrendondo and Katron Rosa for helping round out an excellent team for this wedding and a huge thank you to Jess and James for allowing us the chance to be at this place, on this day, at this time, for you two.  What a special couple and beautiful day it was.  Not many people get to photograph a wedding in a real castle, let alone with such an amazing and fun couple.  We are honored to have been with you two.


Kat and Mike are friends of Organic Moments Photography.  You guys may remember their awesome sunset engagement photos from Naples Pier that we did last year.  It is always nice to have friends and family involved in the weddings we do.  It makes for a much more comfortable atmosphere for us when shooting.  Kat and Mike got ready and had their reception at the beautiful Westin Ft. Lauderdale Beach Resort and their ceremony took place at the gorgeous St. Sebastian Catholic Church in Ft. Lauderdale.  #POWANDAPUTARINGONIT




Upon introductions Kat and Mike did an awesome first dance together, had some of the funniest speeches and some of the most heartfelt toasts that we’ve had the opportunity to hear.  The bridesmaids even broke out a rap song for Kat and Mike and we met some really interesting people.  Thank you for having Organic Moments Photography at your most special day Kat and Mike.


Tiffany and Andrew are one of the sweetest couples we have ever photographed. For this wedding, the guys were allowed to get ready at The Biltmore ( and the girls got ready at Tiffany’s house.  Their dream wedding took place at St. Hugh church (, followed by a breathtaking reception at the Coral Gables Country Club ( which puts together a rather nice wedding.  Check out the detail pictures below.  They really did a nice job with Tiff and Andrew’s wedding.  Luckily there is a golf course across the street which we were able to grab a few great shots at during sunset.

 Tiffany’s a teacher and her whole class came to the wedding to support them and then jumped in for a few fun pictures! Notice the dabber on the right of the picture.

Thank you Andrew and Tiffany for having us at your magical evening.

K and N were referred to us by a past client. Thanks Dara:) They decided to have their engagement session done at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami. (  We love to shoot there as  you can tell from some of our past posts.  Vizcaya is one of those places that always comes through for us.  Here are some of the images from their engagement session.


The images above were shot using natural light and using our newest addition to the arsenal, the Sony A7Rii.  We coupled the Sony A7Rii with the Metabones Mark4 adapter for Canon lenses. Here are some tips when shooting with natural light and with flash or strobes.




First, when shooting with natural light, we don’t place our subjects in shade as many of you may still do.  Shade is muddy, flat and boring.  We used to be the photographers that thought cloudy and shady was the best thing to photograph in (you know,the big “softbox’ in the sky) until we were taught better techniques.  We now place our subject between us and the sun which gives them a natural rim light and isolates them from the background.  Shooting this way also provides us with more depth and dimension for our subjects. We also use a long lens and shoot from beneath shade to keep from having sun glare. Also remember to try and have them against a darker background.  It helps isolate your subject more.  We can and do, as you can tell, shoot in direct sunlight, however, in order to keep our subjects from having to squint or close their eyes due to the direct sunlight, we have them look either at the ground, or away from the sun.  When and where to insert your artificial lighting is a matter of personal choice.





In some of the images above and below we used artificial light.  As stated above, when and where you choose to do this is a mater of personal choice.  For the image in the middle, directly above this text, we used the off camera strobe in a 40 inch octabox, because without it, K and N would have been too dark due to the direction of the sun at that particular moment.  We used the strobe to provide some fill light so that we could see our couples’ faces, and their reactions to one another, a bit better.  The two images below this text illustrate both artificial light and natural light.  Again, it is a matter of personal taste.


We won’t give away all our secrets in this post box if you have any questions or comments feel free to ask in the comment section below or you can come to one of our workshops.  Email at to inquire.

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